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Our enzyme platform puts hundreds of tryptophan analogs at your fingertips.


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Tryptophan Analogs Build Better Drugs

Increase potency and specificity

Tryptophan’s hydrophobic, aromatic side chain promotes interactions with macromolecules. Incorporate Trp analogs to optimize binding site interactions.

Increase stability

Tryptophan analogs extend a drug's half life, reduce protease resistance, and prevent oxidation.

Tune rigidity and permeability

Tryptophan promotes—or disruptssecondary structure formation and anchors transmembrane domains to the lipid bilayer. Tryptophan analogs help drugs penetrate cells or cross the blood-brain barrier. 



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  • Fmoc or Boc protected available
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  • 95% to 99.9% purity
  • Enantiopure (L-isomer)