D-Amino Acid Analogs

Aralez Bio’s Enzyme Platform is Expanding the Universe of Amino Acids

Enantiopure D-amino Acid Analogs Made Using Enzymes

As peptide therapeutics experience explosive growth, the need to address the pharmacokinetic liabilities of canonical L-amino acids grows. D-amino acids are less susceptible to enzymatic degradation and, when placed appropriately in a peptide or protein sequence, can confer additional selectivity and potency.

Combining the D-enantiomeric space with the versatile Aralez Bio functional group and positional space leads to an expansive chemical diversity with endless possibilities.

Incorporate D-amino acids into your workflow to:

  • screen expanded chemical space
  • improve protease stability
  • improve binding affinity & specificity
  • design molecules from mirror image display
  • optimize peptide-target interactions
  • perform racemic crystallography
  • identify key interactions with D-amino acid scanning
  • alter secondary structure
  • drive self-assembly

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Best Sellers

  • Fmoc or Boc protected available
  • 95% to 99.9% purity
  • High Quality at Gram and Kilogram Scales
  • Enantiopure (L or D-isomer)
  • Unlimited Chemical & Positional Diversity
  • Rapid Turnaround & On Time Delivery

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