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Tryptophan is a unique amino acid, having the largest and most hydrophobic side chain. Tryptophan’s side chain promotes interactions with macromolecules and is one of the most common motifs found at the binding interface of drug-target interactions.
Plus, tryptophan can promote—or disrupt—secondary structure formation and anchor transmembrane domains to the lipid bilayer. Tryptophan analogs can also improve a drug’s potency & specificity, extend half life, increase protease resistance, and prevent oxidation.
Aralez Bio has the largest collection of tryptophan analogs, containing over 200 unique side chain modifications combined with additional modifications such as β-branching, L- or D-enantiomers, and N-alkylation.
Incorporate tryptophan analogs into your workflow to:
  • improve binding affinity & specificity
  • create π–π or cation–π interactions
  • incorporate spectroscopically active handles
  • increase protease resistance
  • prevent oxidation
  • target transmembrane domains
  • improve membrane permeability
  • synthesize analogs of serotonin, melatonin, kynurenine, or psilocybin
  • cross the blood-brain barrier

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  • Fmoc or Boc protected available
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  • Enantiopure (L or D-isomer)
  • Unlimited Chemical & Positional Diversity
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