Aralez Bio's
Enzyme Platform

Making Noncanonical Amino Acids Using Biocatalysis

Efficient, Sustainable Amino Acid Production

At Aralez Bio, we have developed an enzyme platform to produce noncanonical amino acids in a single step from low cost and readily available starting materials. This unique approach to amino acid synthesis produces less waste, cuts energy consumption, and reduces production costs compared not only to synthetic chemistry, but also to other enzymatic methods.




Drug Discovery

With a small panel of broadly reactive enzymes, we can make hundreds of amino acids that empower drug discovery programs to explore chemical space more effectively. Our platform has created the largest collection of tryptophan analogs in the world and continues to expand across the amino acid landscape. This ease in accessing amino acids also allows us to produce products more quickly than ever before, meaning you can accelerate your research program.

Chemical Applications

The 20 canonical amino acids are found in almost a trillion dollars worth of products each year. Their reach is immense, spanning flavors, agrochemicals, materials, cosmetics, and more. We expect that noncanonical amino acids—which are 1000x more diverse than canonical amino acids—will have a similarly broad scope of applications and enable innovation across industries. We work with partners looking to develop new products or manufacture existing ones more efficiently. Noncanonical amino acids play a major part in a future where we strive to make new, greener, bio-inspired products.

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