Molecular Building Blocks

Aralez Bio’s Enzyme Platform is Expanding the Universe of Amino Acids

Noncanonical Amino Acids Made Using Enzymes

Noncanonical amino acids can tune the properties of any biomolecule, tailoring your products to your exact specifications.

Access to diverse libraries enables you to optimize key parameters critical to your product’s success, such as efficacy, specificity, bioavailability, solubility, and more.


The World's Largest Collection of Tryptophan Analogs and More

Aralez Bio is your partner of choice for noncanonical amino acids. Our flagship tryptophan synthase (TrpB) technology puts hundreds of tryptophan analogs at your fingertips - commercially available for the first time.

Now we’ve expanded our biocatalytic platform even further, unlocking new amino acid scaffolds and stereoisomers.




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