N-methyl Capped Analogs  

Aralez Bio’s Enzyme Platform is Expanding the Universe of Amino Acids

Advantages of N-methylation
N-methylation (and N-alkylation more broadly) increases steric hindrance around the peptide bond, reducing the peptide’s entropy and increasing affinity and selectivity. This modification also confers protease resistance, and the disruption of hydrogen bonds can improve bioavailability.
Access to N-methylated amino acids adds another layer of combinatorial diversity to peptides and small molecules, expanding the chemical space you can access for drug discovery.
Incorporate N-methyl amino acids into your workflow to:
  • improve protease stability
  • improve binding affinity & specificity
  • alter molecular flexibility
  • identify key interactions with N-methyl scanning
  • improve membrane permeability
  • improve oral bioavailability

Download the Latest Compound Information on N-methylated Analogs

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Best Sellers

  • Fmoc or Boc protected available
  • 95% to 99.9% purity
  • High Quality at Gram and Kilogram Scales
  • Enantiopure (L or D-isomer)
  • Unlimited Chemical & Positional Diversity
  • Rapid Turnaround & On Time Delivery
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